Warzone VR | PSVR Review


A multiplayer game without the multiplayer. Unfortunately that’s not even Warzone’s biggest problem.

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31 thoughts on “Warzone VR | PSVR Review”

  1. The game was on sale for 8$ when I got it. I hate that I'll have to look up reviews for these VR games before buying them. VR games is still fairly new territory, I shouldnt have to check reviews. But nope, this the 3rd time a VR game pissed me off, first Crisis VRigade 2, then Swordsman VR & now this(which uses that game's music. Must be defealt, copyright-free music).

    The immersion's great, the concept is something Activision & the CoD devs would do, and Im shocked they're not.

    But there's no damn excuse for the cheap, pixel perfect AI, shitty partner AI, no multiplayer & no other way to unlock other guns.

    The game being made by one person isnt an excuse because other people done better.

    On a side note, I got to check if there's a rifle butt accessory for the PS Aim Controller.

  2. The enemies literally have aimbot. I bought this game thinking it would be as fun as it looks like on joshdubs videos. You cant even use the vr controllers


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