Homido VR Headset Review


►Homido VR Headset: http://www.homido.com/en/shop#ae71
►Freefly VR Headset: freeflyvr.com/worldwide-shipping#ae6
►Homido Headset on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00U1PJ2LW/rwdgy-20

Hey fella’s, here’s my review on the Homido VR headset. If you have any questions, drop a comment below! If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and hit that like button!

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50 thoughts on “Homido VR Headset Review”

  1. I can watch 360 degree videos, Side by Side 3D videos and also normal videos on it with most recent of iPhone and Android smartphones. I also able to rip my 3D Blu-ray to watch on it with a Pavtube BDMagic.

  2. How can I play a split screen sbs video I uploaded using itunes? Because I can't find the option to split the screen so the left side plays the left half and right side plays the right half.

  3. hey guys,

    was really looking to buy between this one ( Homido Virtual Reality 3D Wireless Headset Glasses ) and Freefly VR Virtual Reality Smartphone 3D Headset. The reason why i want one of these two it's because i have myopia, i wear lenses but prefer not too when watching 3d movies. The reason i didn't like de Freefly it's because there not room enough for the phone to breath, so apparently tends to make de phone hot. This one, looks like it wont happend since it's just a clip, correct ?
    My other question is, i see that Freefly has some sorta sponge attached to the phone holder, which makes it impossible to scratch it. Does the Homido has something similar or is it pure plastic, which means that it will scratch the phones ?

    Thank you,

  4. Is this compatible with Cardboard? Meaning, is there any way to tap the screen if the app requires it?I tried out the Zeiss, and I liked it, but there was no way to tap the screen, which ruled out quite a few apps.

  5. Which game engines can I use to make my own environments? Could I use Unity? I am doing a Senior project using the Homido VR headset and need some tips on what is compatible and what isn't.

  6. one more thing dear assume we have top mobiles
    1>> 5.5 inches 1080*720p resolution with 267ppi
    2>> 5 inches 1280*1080p resolution with 441ppi
    in both of device which i will get good experience >>>>>>>


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