AAAhhh!!! Roomscale VR Experiments – Oculus Quest 2


Roomscale is for the rich & famous. Unfortunately, like you, I am neither rich nor famous.


1 Unseen Diplomacy ($2.99 USD, Steam)…
| You are a spy. Get on your hands and knees and crawl, bitch!

2 Eye of the Temple: First Steps (FREE, Steam)…
| Indiana Jones puzzle game. Slow-paced, methodical roomscale.

3 TraVRsal (FREE, App Lab)…
| Random collection of roomscale games. Non-Euclidian like Tea For God.

Other options to consider:

4 Tea For God (FREE, SideQuest)…
| Weird ass future sci-fi claustrophobia and vertigo triggering.

5 Custom Home Mapper ($7.99 USD, SQ/Itch)…
| Most dangerous app. Write your own guardian, house/room turns into space.

6 Starfixer (FREE, SideQuest)
| Chicken Little was right. Now, you’re the clean-up crew.

* Space Pirate Trainer DX: Arena (FREE, DLC for Space Pirate Trainer, which is currently $14.99 USD)…
| 1v1 battles in an immersive, warehouse scale (10x10m) laser tag experience.

*SPA will be launching for SPT owners on Sept 9th, 2021

0:00 Intro
5:56 Unseen Diplomacy
47:07 UD – ZIM’s Impressions
56:36 Eye Of The Temple
1:11:05 EOTT – ZIM’s Impressions
1:21:10 TraVRsal
1:58:14 Outro

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4 thoughts on “AAAhhh!!! Roomscale VR Experiments – Oculus Quest 2”

  1. traVRsal dev chiming in. Thanks a lot for showing my game! Loved the show and watched the full episode with all 3 games. Great job! Great cat! And I also took some notes while watching you play which is always super helpful. As you point out, it's an early access version but the biggest passion project I ever had and it's coming together at a quick pace. I really wanted to get it to the players so that they can experience it and also provide feeback.

    Interesting fact you might not have noticed: traVRsal is not only a hub of non-euclidean games, it's a dev platform allowing OTHERS to develop such games and share them. Hunt the Button and The Tower (I can only recommend to try) are two examples of such community worlds, where the SDK was used to put together the creative game parts and traVRsal does all the heavy lifting. I totally love what has been created already and what is in the pipeline to come. Stay tuned 🙂

    Multiplayer will be transformative, I am quite certain of that and really excited to release it. If you are up to we could do a session together on stream and play and talk about the game while at it. That could be fun to watch!

    And for those looking for other non-euclidean experiences, I keep a constantly updated list in my blog at:

  2. Hey Hunt the Button and The Tower Dev here, thanks for playing. FYI the buttons are randomised so they are in different places each time, Cuddly Critters and Steampunk were the first levels I developed so are a bit basic. The new level Haunted House has interactable objects so you will need to pick items up to find the buttons. It also features climb mechanics and activated items.


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