Myst – A wonderful VR adventure game!


Myst is a wonderful adventure game in VR, I’ll show you some scenes from the game.
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15 thoughts on “Myst – A wonderful VR adventure game!”

  1. Nice to see that Cyan has made Myst so that it works with Pimax headsets! Unfortunately their other big VR puzzle title, Obduction, has lots of trouble with Pimax headsets such as not recognizing when the headset is on your head since Pimax headsets don't have a proximity sensor. Hopefully this means that Firmament, their next VR puzzle title, will also work on Pimax headsets!

  2. Myst is like the Skyrim of 1993, so many re-releases! I remember my first play-through, it was so satisfying when you finally figured something out. But it's been so long since I've played its going to be like that all over again.


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