HTC VIVE VR Review – Zimtok5


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My buddy Zimtok5 Reviews the HTC VIVE VR Headset for our Channel!

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28 thoughts on “HTC VIVE VR Review – Zimtok5”

  1. Hi. i have one question, does your vive display turns off when you take the headset off (like in rift oculus/Gear VR) because mine doesn't i see there is betweent the lens Proximity Sensor and i know it works but when i take the headset off the display doesn't turn off immediate it turns off after about 15 30 seconds and when i touch the hesdset or atleast slide it on a table etc it immediate turns on i dont even need to wear the headset. please answer Thanks

  2. LOL I had another youtube video playing in the background and i could hear girls laughing hysterically and punching noises and i thought it was Joes family behind the camera doing… what ever the fuck those noises were

  3. hey Angry Joe! You should do a shout out for youtube channel AdoredTV, he does hardware reviews for graphics cards and CPUs and he knows his shit like nobody else. I feel he deserves more subscribers and your channel reaches so many people. Check out his vids and i hope you can give him a namecheck.

    Love your vids keep it up!

  4. I'm one of the fanbase and let me say this, I don't f*cking care about the majority of the rest of the fanbase's opinion. I'm one of those 25% of people who appreciate Joe for what he's doing, (HEAR THE KEYWORD APPRECIATE). I know what 75% of you say, and I don't give 500 sh*ts about your f*cking opinion. I was not in the early days of the AngryJoeShow until mid 2015. In short, for all 75% of the fanbase, SHUT YOUR ***DAMN MOTHAF*CKIN MOUTHS!!! WHAT YOU SEE, IS WHAT YOU GET! Get over it!!!!!!

  5. Some people talking shit here are idiots, but almost everyone subscribed because of the reviews and he wasnt doing reviews, so people can get mad. And now he's doing short and worst reviews so people dont get angry, dont get me wrong, i love his videos but i want the old, long and great reviews back.

  6. BTW Where the HELL is the Doom review, JOE you have ONE real job this year!

    1. Review Doom (you know the game made for you)
    2. Who the fuck cares
    3. Fill the channel with garbage movie reviews.
    4. Maybe a Family holiday vid.
    5. A guest reviewer (decent job).


  7. I see him playing game "demos" but no real games, people will get sick of these like the first wave of VR in the mid 1990's unless we see significant amounts of VR AAA titles soon. If PC VR sells less than a few million units expect VR to be nothing more than a gimmick for more years to come.


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