PlayStation VR Teardown Review!


The virtual reality market has exploded this year with the entrance of the Oculus rift, the HTC Vive and the OSVR HDK 2—all of which we’ve had on our teardown table. But now Sony wants in the game. Let’s see how the new PSVR stands up to the competition. Time to tear it down.


64 Bit kit:

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32 thoughts on “PlayStation VR Teardown Review!”

  1. So in the video you just popped the lenses right off, but then just casually say the lenses are FIRMLY glued in place, but don't actually list that as a negative. I'm confused.

    Are the lenses glued in place and difficult to replace?

  2. All I can say is I love it PlayStation VR it's so damn sophisticated you're actually inside the video game for real you start tripping out I was playing a lot of games wow The only downside they should've made it in 4K resolution I know everybody will agree with me they should have it in 4K resolution right now it only has 1080 P 0LED display sorry everyone I have an iPhone 6s Plus it's made in China it's a piece of shit because the spelling misspells all the time

  3. Austin Evans says it feels really light, but you say its the heaviest of all VR headsets. I trust that its the heaviest because you weighed it, but i also trust that it feels light because of its size it may feel lighter than what you may think its gonna be

  4. I think the last statement is an example of a poor excuse, as all the modern devices on the market are complicated pieces of hardware and are difficult to reassemble without any guides. I guess what we see here is that Sony's engineers have put a lot of effort into building a device that is easy to manufacture and repair.


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