Oculus Quest HALO Strap Comfort Mod Review (GoQuest VR v3 Pro)


The Go QuestVR v3 Pro HALO strap design is interesting as it’s similar to the Oculus Rift S and PlayStation VR strap – Both very comfortable headsets. So is this one as comfortable? Let’s find out! ► Check out our VR equipment → https://www.amazon.com/shop/caschary
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This version of the Oculus Quest halo strap is the latest version by GoQuestVR and should be the last update.

Here are the timestamps:

00:00 Intro
01:10 In The Box & Pricing
01:56 Setup
04:08 Review
06:18 Optional Top Strap Thoughts
07:27 Headphones Review
08:45 Original Straps Back In?
08:58 Conclusion

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49 thoughts on “Oculus Quest HALO Strap Comfort Mod Review (GoQuest VR v3 Pro)”

  1. Where you placed the small pieces of velcro would only prevent the headset "buckle" from moving forwards – which is unlikely to happen in use. The velcro needs to go behind the strap buckles to stop the buckles sliding backwards when the headset is tightened. I have not found much movement though with or without the small velcro pieces but maybe in games where there is a lot of head movement.

  2. The Halo Strap is very good. I tested it over a couple of month.
    First I didn't install the headphones. Then I tested the headphones and recognize that I get two left headphone.
    I told it Alex (the distributor) and he send me two new Headphones with new design.
    I must say the new headphones are great.
    And the support is extraordinary.

  3. My first headset was a PSVR so when I got my second, and current headset, the valve index, I found it a bit uncomfortable, but after you learn how to adjust it right, it's comfortable for hours.

  4. I must just have a bigger head than everybody reviewing this head strap. I ordered this and it just doesn’t work. It slips off my head and to keep it on my head securely I had to clamp it really tight to the point that it was uncomfortable and made the face pressure worse imo. I switched to the deluxe audio strap which I should’ve just gone with from the start. It’s a shame because I used to use the Lenovo explorer and the halo strap on that one was very comfortable and didn’t slip like this one. Maybe keep that in mind before ordering if you have a big ole noggin like me lmao.

  5. I give you a challenge I don't know you and you don't know me but accept this challenge please I want you to pair the Vive index controllers to the Oculus Quest you can probably make a program to do it maybe I don't know goodbye have a good night or day or whenever you're going to read this

  6. Just finished a 4 hours long Fallout vr session (and my face is hurting like crazy). Some how this video popped up on my YT start page and after watching it, i placed an order immediately. Love the halo design of my psvr, so no hesitation here. Thank you for the recommendation of this strap. Will report my expirience with it here when i get it delivered.

  7. I have done the Frankenquest-Mod with mine. And the question, if the Halo-Strap is better than the Frankenquest-Mod, brought me here. Still, I don't have an answer yet. So did you try the Frankenquest-Mod and already know which one ist better? I am also using a counterweight, but I still can't play more than 45 Minutes.

  8. About Go quest vr I have ordered from them a facial mask for my quest since March and I still haven't got it. When I confronted them about it they said and I quote "What can I do I'm not superman to bring it faster" that was a couple of months ago… Don't trust those guys is all I'm saying.

  9. Why won't more people understand that the problem is not how snug/tight something is against your face or forehead, but the weight distribution? Grab a weight e.g. 500 ml bottle of water or a 500 g dumbbell, attach it to the back of your Quest and you will never have comfort problems, as the headset will be well balanced. No need to buy any gimmicks.

  10. Some tips
    -Push the side brackets are forward as possible. This fixes the FOV problems and makes it comfier. The front pad should be lined up with the quest.
    -Keep adjusting and trying new things till you no longer need the strap. (a lot of people won't need it from the start)
    -The creator (Alex) is about to lower the price and change the brand name to VR Panda because Oculus wouldn't allow the old name. So I'd wait to buy

  11. wait wait wait.. im so confused so im going to get the oculus quest and in another video by you it tracks your fingers on the controllers and thats the first time i have every heard about touch on the controllers. so i searched it up for 2 hours trying to look for answers but i couldn't fin anything about it. i thought the valve index knuckles controllers were the only ones that did that. is the oculus quest controllers your using different ones? like a separate buying option or does it just come like that. please please please let me know

  12. i do love my halo strap, I had DAS before, sold it when I tried halo strap. And I found that we can use halo strap on top of the stock strap. no need to remove the stock strap at all. It is a bit warm, but I always have a fan on me during VR for reduce motion sickness. So it isn't an issue at all. with this setup. I can slide off the halo strap when I need to lay down for movie on sofa or bed. halo strap is so easy to install and take out compare to DAS


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